Not-So-Haunted Halloween Mummy Door

Halloween is almost here, are you ready?  This has always been my most favorite holiday.  But, believe it or not, it’s not the actually day that has me all giddy, it’s the excitement that leads up to this day.  The

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Pumpkin Melted Crayon Art Craft

This not-so-haunted pumpkin melted crayon art craft is super easy and really fun for all ages!  It’s a creative twist on the average jack-o’-lantern and the painted pumpkin. Unlike the jack-o’-lantern that has a short life span once it’s been

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Caramelized Apple Hand Pie

This little perfectly flaky pocket of caramelized apple yumminess never fails to win every heart in the room. Quite simply, the dough for this recipe can’t be beat!  I actually use it for many of my pastry favorites.  Its soft and

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DIY Fall Centerpiece Hunter & Gatherer

STOP buying expensive floral arrangements!  This DIY Fall Centerpiece Hunter & Gatherer tutorial breaks down just how easy it is to put together a gorgeous floral arrangement on your own. Friends, you can do this yourself for half the price or

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Subtle Fall Infusion

Fall is officially here, and I’m all about subtle fall infusion!  I’m 100% in for the seasonal change, but I’m not diving into my magic bag of decorations just yet!  As a matter of fact, I’m purposely taking it really

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