Hi, my name is Marissa ~ welcome to My Casa Di Bella!  In February of 2018 I created this blog to share my passion for decor.  Literally, I am obsessed with all things beautiful, from a beautifully decorated home, a well-organized closet, to a perfectly planned meal plated with both color and texture.

My Personal Love Life

In 1998 I married my college sweetheart, Mike, who I fell in love with for his endless energy, humor and personal drive. I’m a mother to two teenagers who have taught me how to love a type of love that I never knew existed. We have two adorable furry babies, Remington & Whiskey, that we can’t get enough of.  Together we live in upstate NY in a home we named Bella Nido.  As any true homebody, this is my most favorite place to spend my days.

My Passion for Decor

From as far back as I can remember I have always had a deep passion for all things beautiful. While other kids were out playing I was busy visualizing my future home, planning the perfect family room and kitchen, or dreaming up the most efficient floor plan.  As a young girl I would collect pages from various magazines of anything that inspired me.  I filed them away in a folder and would sort through them every once in a while, tossing anything I no longer liked.  I chuckle at how often I changed my mind on certain styles, fashions and trends.

*Fun (or funny) Facts*

My favorite kind of menu:

I love anything homemade that not only tastes great, but looks pretty.  Bonus if it’s straight from the garden!  I absolutely go bonkers over perfect little appetizer bites.  (I hate community party dips…LOL!)!

A list of a few of things that make my heart sing:

Hearing my kids laugh, listening to the ocean, spending time hunting with my husband in our tree stands, finding the perfect home accessory, a good leopard print, seeing the start of my tulip bulbs bloom after a long winter, learning new things along my travels (anything with historic value is a bonus), the sound of rain, eating dinner together as a family…

A list of a few odd things that make my heart sing:

A toilet paper roll properly placed on the holder (hanging over the front of the roll, people), a well thought out holiday card (including color coordinating outfits), a clean refrigerator, anything (people included) organized, long car rides, a weed-free planter bed and green grass, the smell of cow pastures and horse stalls (no judging)…

Marissa Smith